simply a-maize-n popcorn-120.jpg
Our Salty Gourmet White Popcorn - Unbeatable Nebraska Grown Gourmet Popcorn
from 1.15
simply a-maize-n popcorn-100.jpg
Cheddar Cheese Popcorn - Our Best Seller
from 3.75
simply a-maize-n popcorn-164.jpg
Yellow & White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (Double Cheese) - a flavor-packed combo
from 4.35
simply a-maize-n popcorn-262.jpg
Caramel Popcorn
from 3.25
simply a-maize-n popcorn-169.jpg
Trio Mix - Salted White popcorn + Cheesy Cheddar popcorn + Sweet Caramel popcorn
from 2.99
simply a-maize-n popcorn-297.jpg
M's the Word
from 4.75
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Kettle Corn.jpg
Kettle Corn - Salty & Sweet
from 4.99
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Chicago Mix.jpg
Chicago Style Mix (Cheddar Cheese and Gourmet Caramel popcorn mixed just like they do in the Windy City.)
from 2.99
Simply Amaizen Popcorn White Cheddar.jpg
White Cheddar Cheese - Our EXCELLENT Gourmet white popcorn tumbled in a Robust White Cheddar cheese
from 2.99
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Scotch-a-roos.jpg
"Simply A-Maize-N" Scotch-A-Roo 5x5 inch - (Crispy rice, peanut butter base with a semi-sweet chocolate and butterscotch icing)
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Birthday Cake.jpg
Birthday Cake (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel corn tossed in white chocolate, tumbled in birthday cake mix.
from 4.55
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Go Fish.jpg
Go Fish (Specialty Popcorn)
from 4.55
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Salty Dog.jpg
Salty Dog (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel corn drizzled with chocolate, caramel, sprinkled with sea salt
from 4.25
simply a-maize-n popcorn-218.jpg
Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel corn and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™  tossed in white chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar
from 4.55
simply a-maize-n popcorn-237.jpg
Peanut Butter Chow (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel corn coated in chocolate peanut butter mixture, tossed in powdered sugar
from 4.55
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Cherry Mash.jpg
Cherry Mash (Specialty Popcorn) - Cherry popcorn coated with milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate
from 4.25
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Cinn-A-Roll.jpg
Cinn-A-Roll (Specialty Popcorn) - Cinnamon sugar popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and topped with pecans
from 4.25
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Amaizen Mix.jpg
A-Maize-N Mix (Sweet & Salty) - White popcorn & Colored Sweet Confetti popcorn
from 1.99
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Chocolate Mint.jpg
Chocolate Mint (Specialty Popcorn) - Sweet  popcorn drizzled with "Andes" mint chocolate with just a splash of white popcorn
from 4.25
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Turtle.jpg
Turtle (Specialty Popcorn) - Handcrafted caramel popcorn, drizzled with chocolate and caramel topped with pecans
from 4.25
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Life Support.jpg
Life Support (Specialty Popcorn) - Handcrafted caramel popcorn coated with white chocolate, peanut butter, drizzled with chocolate.  Our Best Seller !
from 4.25
Simply Amaizen Popcorn Fudge Brownie.jpg
Fudge Brownie (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel corn tossed in chocolate, brownie mix and then drizzled with milk chocolate
from 4.25
simply a-maize-n popcorn-83.jpg
Coffee Craze (Specialty Popcorn) - Caramel Corn flavored with real coffee, choco almonds and drizzled with white chocolate
from 4.25
simply a-maize-n popcorn-71.jpg
Desert Storm (Specialty Popcorn) - Handcrafted caramel corn with glazed, mixed nuts. Salute!
from 4.55
Popcorn Balls Assort v1.jpg
Popcorn Balls (Set of 14) - Our Delicious Marshmallow Popcorn Balls. Individually wrapped. Assorted Colors or all White
simply a-maize-n popcorn-184.jpg
Hot Mama - Cinnamon popcorn and fresh white popcorn layered with hot tamales.
from 5.99
simply a-maize-n popcorn-234.jpg
Popcorn Chow
from 4.55
Cinnamon Popcorn-White Chocolate Drizzle-Gourmet Popcorn
Scarlet & Crème
from 7.49
Dirt Dessert.png
Dirt Dessert - Caramel Corn tossed in Chocolate & Oreo Cookie Crumbs with Gummy Worms tossed in just for fun !
from 4.25
simply a-maize-n popcorn-131.jpg
#Nebraska Grown White or Yellow Popcorn Seed - Great Tender Gourmet Popcorn ... We Ship this stuff Like CRAZY ! (Add on one of our seasoning for great flavor)
Canister thirds.jpg
Popcorn Tin (2 Gal) - 1/3 Cheese 1/3 Caramel 1/3 Salted White Popcorn. Made Fresh, packed & shipped to order. (Comes in Nebraska Red)
Shipper v1.0.jpg
Traditional Variety Pack - (Shipping Included) White, Cheese, Caramel, & Popcorn Balls
Confetti Popcorn - Assorted colored Sweet sugared Corn
from 4.35
Holiday Tins 3.jpg
Holiday Tins (seasonal) Style of Tin shipped will vary, according to availability
from 19.99
Thank You Tin (5c).jpg
The Perfect " Thank You" Popcorn Tin (2 gal) (1 gal trio mix available)
from 13.99
Spice_Pictures 3.jpg
Our "A-MAIZE-N" Signature Seasonings (2.2oz)